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Meet Turritella

To be able to go inward, you must have a solid foundation to hold you. I love working with grounding crystals. It seems like a no brainer to use something from the earth to enhance grounding practices.

Meet Turritella, who is a fascinating stone that I have only recently met. The crystal gurus at Crystal and Stone brought Turritella to my awareness. You can see from its colour and marking something interesting going on here. Turritella is made up of fossilised snail shells. It takes a really long time (like 10,000 years) for fossils to form; these guys carry a lot of ancient energy. Waiting that long to be birthed takes patience.

Grounding and patience are some of the characteristics of Turritella. There is so much ancient earth energy in Turritella I’m finding it a go-to for when I’m feeling spacey. I keep this piece on my desk right where I can pick it up anytime I think I am drifting. It’s great to hold in meditation, too, as an anchor. Holding something tangible reminds me I have a foot in both worlds. Again, to go inward, there must be an anchor to the present, which is the human body.

Patience is a central theme in the world right now. Many are sitting waiting without any answers in sight or an end to a cycle. The snail as a spirit guide is a reminder to slow down. There is no need to hurry. At the time Turritella came into my life, it was a busy phase. I needed reminding there was time for everything to get done, so stop rushing. Learning to be patient and that some things take time is a great lesson.

The connection to the past running strong with Turritella may be a good stone for ancestral healing. Set the intention for Turritella to assist you to connect with your ancestors whilst meditating or channelling. This ancient stone is a wisdom keeper of knowledge; it may act as a key to unlock the ancestral wisdom within. If you are interested in past life work, Turritella may be helpful in this area. Ask to be shown wisdom that is relevant to your current path from journeys you have taken previously.

Even if you are not interested in any of the above, Turritella is a stunning stone to have around with its beautiful markings and colours xx.

P.S. Remember, crystals do not replace the guidance and care of medical professionals.

What a double whammy of magnetic energetic happens we have today. It’s the eighth day of the eighth month and the New Moon in Leo. In numerology, the eighth path is all about abundance, living your dharma, leadership and intuition. These qualities shine through for all of us today with the double eight.

Today is when the Lion’s Gateway portal is at its peak. There might be sudden changes in store as we are pushed to follow our passions. Allow your creative side to shine. Eights bring out the entrepreneurial spirit. You may find yourself going off on your own to create space to experiment. New ideas that are intuitively guided could arise today. Creativity is sparked through play. Give yourself time to be playful, have fun and see what flows. Today is all about turning the mundane into magical.

Also, today we welcome New Moon in Leo. Leo season is such a breath of fresh air in the zodiac. There is nothing a Leo loves more than to be centre stage throwing handfuls over glitter everywhere. Watch out for the drama, though. Don’t let star quality turn into diva antics.

Leo reminds us of the strong, courageous sense of Self we all have. Be brave with any ideas that flow through today’s portal. Commit them to paper, so you don’t forget. Plant the seed and see how it grows. Even if it’s slow-growing, you can take your time and trust it will flourish when it’s ready.

You are the lead role in your life. Own it, be it and live it fully. Leo’s message is to stop worrying about what other people may think. If you think it’s a winning combination and will bring you joy, follow through.

Take some time to journal today. Write down everything you are grateful for and anything you would like to create in your life, aka intentions. Make the process your own and have some fun with it. After all, it is Leo season; throw some glitter on it.

Until next time,

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