Events are postposed until further notice.

Get ready to be taken on a blissed-out, nourishing and healing journey with Crystal Yin. Kat will be your guide through a 60-minute Yin Yoga sequence incorporating the current energy vibrations, the Chakras and Meridian pathways. You will then be eased into a deep restful meditation and showered in the crystalline sound of singing bowls. Each crystal bowl is attuned to the vibration of each of the seven Chakra centres that assist in clearing and balancing your energetic body. This experience will give you space to rest and recharge. You’ll float away on clouds from Crystal Yin.

Postponed until August 2020
Date: TBC

The Studio, Butler location

When the Yin and the Yang come together, we find our middle ground. There is always equal and the opposite of everything in our world. Finding the sweet spot when yin and yang join is where the magic happens.

Flow into Yin is a two-hour deep dive into balancing our yin and yang sides. First, we will awaken the spirit with an unheated slow flow vinyasa – the Yang. Flow gets us moving to create stability and strength. It is the light, the outward expression and brushes off the cobwebs. Slowly we will melt to the mat and find our Yin. The stillness and calm we discover in the hidden depths of our being. Yin cools, creates space and cultivates awareness beyond the physical.

Flow into Yin is the perfect introduction to balancing our Yin and Yang sides. Suitable for all levels of yogis from beginners to the more seasoned.

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